12 Responses to “JNTU 1st Year B.Tech ECE CSE EEE MECH IT EIE MECH C PROGRAMMING AND DATA STRUCTURES (C & DS) syllabus wise Material free Download”

  1. Kanchumarthi says:

    Dear Sir, Pls send me any one new syllabus for jntuk 1st year 2010 -11.



  2. arun says:

    its very nice for us
    tell me about b.tec eee future

  3. nagendra says:

    jntu hyder bad 1st year syllabus

  4. karthik says:

    the syllabus so vast dat im not even knowing wat 2 study yaaaar:((

  5. g jana reddy says:

    i am requsting plz send the EEE 1 st Year old paers how many chapeters prepared to get 75% plz reply as soon as

  6. laxman says:

    plz tell me about ece-topics nd importance of ece-cource for debut

  7. vinay says:

    this is nice. and it will be useful in studying .

  8. vinay says:

    please give me more information about lab manuals.

  9. kartheek says:

    it is too much the syllabus and the subjects given by jntu is very vast and not essential to all the branches in 1st b,tech.Even lectures cannot recollect the subject in their minds while teaching.

    then how can an average students or dullers(dullers refers to slow learners only but not failures) remember ????????

  10. pooja says:

    im really confused wethr 2 take eie or eee pls suggest

  11. S RAVI TEJA says:

    sir please suggest me some reference books for 1st year mechanical engineering….

  12. Jerry Quiroz says:

    Thank you for the very informative writeup. yet in my experience things are slighly more complicated than you make them seem. time will tell, but the problem is I do not have enough time. anyway, it is good to know we are not alone in the struggle. but you might want to reconsider some fragments in your post. after all, if it can do all that, why do we even need the rest anylonger? take care

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