17 Responses to “JNTU University External Examination Pattern & TIPS TO SCORE GOOD MARKS”

  1. Manohar says:

    Thank you for this clarification .

  2. zaynar says:

    what is the passing marks of edp xtrnl this year

  3. hussain says:

    what is the minimum marks to pass in external exam 2010(jntu)

  4. hussain says:

    minimum marks to pass in external exam 2010(jntu)

  5. btechzone says:

    u can see minimum marks of pass through this link

  6. s v rama subbreddy says:

    thanks for this clarification

  7. kaveri says:

    i want eee 2-1 total marks including internals externals labs

  8. saikumar says:

    sir, iam joing in b.tech first year in machinical branch,i want an idea to know subject knowledge so plese tell me how to read?

  9. btechzone says:

    Hi sai,
    For which Subject you want help?

  10. dhanalatha says:

    hey we have a qustion to ask . firstly we have 8 questions in external paper. we have two bits in each question . our doubt is to knw whether both d bits belong to same unit or not. we heard dat in 1 question each bit will cum 4m differnt unit. so kindly explain us the exam pattern

  11. btechzone says:

    Mostly comes from same unit… but some times it happens.. other unit questions or out of portion questions may come

  12. akhil says:

    Iam doing 3rd btech ece,i like mechanical branch. can ido double btech…?

  13. swathi says:

    thanks for giving us this information it will be useful for all the first years espicially becoz they dont know how the jntu paper will be and by reading this they will get an idea that how to write the exam.

  14. ramu says:

    sir i want eee 1st year c&ds external paper 2010 four sets

  15. nandini says:

    can u send me the time table hw to prepare in these few days………while studying i feel dowse too…how to solve this problem please help me

  16. xyz says:

    sir,may i know the total marks for engg drawing 1st yr…..internal +external…….is it for 100 marks total or (25+75)

  17. mounika says:

    hello sir,
    iam k.mounika dng my btec 4year i had a supply i.e.,edp(1year subject(drawing)) so i cant pass still nw hw can i get through it dis year plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me sir plzzzzzzzzzz

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