21 Responses to “Mini project on c: Snake game using c language”

  1. rupali more says:

    I am a 3rd yr completed btech student n now have to do my mini project…so m in search of o good mini project.i need the coding of this project can u please send me tht…

  2. btechzone says:

    We have already given coding for this one. check out in the post.

  3. pawani says:

    now i am b.tech (cs)3rd year student.plz gave me coding and how we can design (steps)of any good conpectputal mini project.plz send me

  4. selva says:

    please give me a source code and the procedures………!

  5. shravan says:

    i have seen you exe file its nice but i want the procedure please send to me.

  6. shravan says:

    i have seen your .exe file its nice but i want the procedure. Please send to me.

  7. sandhya says:

    i want mini project abstracts of best mini project

  8. Rajaramachandran says:

    Am doing 3rd year in B.Tech.. I have to do Mini project suggest me & guide to do a topic!!

  9. Sam says:

    The source code file name is RAKI.CPP open it using turbo c or note pad

  10. laxmikanth says:

    i want mini project on cryptography or security attacks.can u suggest me

  11. ram says:

    hi, i am doing engineering on computer science and i am in 3rd year i am intrested to do some mini projects and how to do using C or C++ languages ,so canu help me out by sending any tips please as soon as posible.

  12. nanthini says:

    hi i am doing engineering and i am interested to do some projects in c language and give any some topics and how to do..and tell how to do and also some best topics for paper presentation in c language….so pls can u help….as soon as possible…

  13. reena says:


  14. pritee says:

    Hi,I m in S.E(IT). i will make a mini project.please send me coding of game.

  15. dillip kumar mohapatra says:

    Everybody,i am a bca 5th semester student of computer application centre(CAC),arounodoya market,link loard cuttack(under utkal university).i know the snake game in c and c++.but i am busy every time….

    dillip mohapatra

  16. lakshmi manasa says:

    I am in 3rd year.I need to do mini project.Please suggest me a software project please

  17. mahesh godara says:

    Iam in second year.I need to do complet project.Please suggest me a c language project please

  18. sunil kumar says:

    R/Sir ,
    I beg to say that , i want to make mini project on ” Bell Ring ” i.e. present on my college which indicate starting & ending of periods on time . so kindly help me in my project becoz this is my first project i m going to design so please send important codes & others thing related to this project. I hope that you will help me . My e-mail : – ” manoj.07019@gmail.com ” For this help i will always thanksful to you sir.
    yours faithfully
    sunil kumar
    E-mail :- manoj.07019@gmail.com

  19. veera reddy says:

    i am second year .please help me in source code

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